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This is the most hilarious video I’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks to @judypdi for sharing.

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This is just plain funny. Thanks to Sandy Willats, account planner extroardinaire at Martin Williams for sharing!

Sandy used this ad as an example of how advertisers should “challenge assumptions”, the first step of creating Martin William’s signature 20 Ton Ideas. This ad re-frames what gum is all about and captures a human connection, not just how chewy or minty the gum is.

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Fast forward through the boring introduction. The rest is crazy cool.

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I love this commercial. Matt Burgress, a copywriter at OLSON, showed this at last week’s UST Ad Fed meeting. I like that my Dad wears Old Spice (i.e. it’s for old people) but Old Spice has been able to successfully reinvent their brand and give Axe some stiff competition. A million+ views in ten days and now it’s on tv.

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I’ve been wanting to attend the British Ad Awards at the Walker for several years and it has never worked out, until last night. I was fortunate to go with a great party of people through Magnet  360 and was delighted to meet the fabulous Betsey Kershaw. Turns out we live in the same St. Paul neighborhood and her husband and I attended the same high school . Further proof of what a small world it is!

Moving onto the event, it was terrific. If you haven’t been I would highly recommend getting tickets. Overall, the ads were more graphic than what we are used to seeing in the US but at the same time they packed more of a punch. More importantly, the packed Walker theater proved that despite negative perceptions, not only does advertising provide significant cultural perspective but is in fact art.

Some personal favorites

A fun way of portraying an important concept:

While hard to watch, this video stunningly captures the cycle of violence which leads many kids to the streets:

Sex sells. Virgin is an awesomely bold brand:

Yes puppets have been overdone but I have a feeling this is the ad that started the trend:

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