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I’ve been wanting to attend the British Ad Awards at the Walker for several years and it has never worked out, until last night. I was fortunate to go with a great party of people through Magnet  360 and was delighted to meet the fabulous Betsey Kershaw. Turns out we live in the same St. Paul neighborhood and her husband and I attended the same high school . Further proof of what a small world it is!

Moving onto the event, it was terrific. If you haven’t been I would highly recommend getting tickets. Overall, the ads were more graphic than what we are used to seeing in the US but at the same time they packed more of a punch. More importantly, the packed Walker theater proved that despite negative perceptions, not only does advertising provide significant cultural perspective but is in fact art.

Some personal favorites

A fun way of portraying an important concept:

While hard to watch, this video stunningly captures the cycle of violence which leads many kids to the streets:

Sex sells. Virgin is an awesomely bold brand:

Yes puppets have been overdone but I have a feeling this is the ad that started the trend:

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