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I had a great customer experience today when Jimmy John’s delivered my lunch not to my home or work but to the library.  Studying for finals is no ball of fun but either is venturing out in below zero weather.  I appreciate that Jimmy John’s made ordering easy for me and were willing to make my day less complicated by coming to me, even if I was in a library.

Jimmy John’s isn’t necessarily my favorite lunch spot but the fact that they offer delivery and online ordering set them apart from all other options.  In fact, one of my favorite lunch spots offers delivery but only with a minimum order of $10.  Companies need to make it easy for customers to buy!  Having $10 order minimums may seem like a smart accounting strategy but it doesn’t help your customers choose you over the competition.

Great user experience doesn’t just apply to restaurants.  For example, think of all the places you’ve called that haven’t answered their phone. Or even better, all the sales associate who have told you to check online for the jeans you wanted that they didn’t have in-stock.  Please don’t tell me to go home and check online, instead ask me if you can order them for me and offer complimentary delivery to my home!

If you’ve never had experiences like these, consider yourself lucky.  There is nothing more frustrating than when you try to make a purchase and the company you’re trying to purchase from makes the process difficult or even impossible.

How many companies could gain more customers through better user experience?  Many.  Think of all the money companies could save if they improved their user experience and made it easy for customers to come to them.

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