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I have not had a social presence for the last month (though this blog has been in the dead zone for much longer). I’m currently in a painful transition from my trusted Blackberry Curve to my very first iPhone. I expected the transition to be delightful but instead it has been full of headaches, dead batteries and freezing apps. I don’t know what it is about this phone but no matter what I try, we’re having a missed connection. Needless to say, it is virtually impossible to tweet or check-in on Foursquare because the phone crashes constantly, especially within apps.

I had no idea my social presence was so tied to my phone, but it’s become evident across the last month that it is. I went from constantly tweeting to going days without following the stream. Foursquare check-ins ceased to be the first thing I did when out and about. I feel a bit disconnected and not as current on the social realm as I should be, but in stepping back I’ve also seen how large a distraction from everyday life the social web can be.

The “connection between mobile and social” is a buzz term that’s been flying around lately and I have to say, it makes me laugh. Even before my own personal experience, it was evident that social and mobile have been in sync for quite some time. As inherently social beings, people want the ability to be social no matter what the platform, from real life to mobile phones to computers.

Hopefully I’ll get my technology issues figured out and be able to get back to my socially social self soon. Until then, you have the best bet of reaching me in the real world, instead of the social one I’ve become so fond of.

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