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Ad/PR/Marketing friends, please share your thoughts on cause marketing with me by taking this short, 13 question survey http://ow.ly/1uW6E

I’m conducting research for my my mass communication ethics thesis paper, so I can graduate in May!

Thank you much.

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Here is a sampling of the 500+ photos I took in Greece while studying abroad this past January. The fantastic landscapes and artwork can be described as nothing other than sublime.  Hope you enjoy!

Hephaestus temple

The weight of the world

From atop the Acropolis

More from atop the Acropolis

Me and the Parthenon

Amphitheater below the Acropolis

Changing of the Gaurd


The sea

The last potter in Aegina How am I going to get this on the plane?

Corinth Taverna

Cape Sounion

Temple of Poseidon

Human Statue

Roman Sculpture


Lions Gate - Mcyenae

Zues, Guardian of Mcyenae




Italian Gelato, Greek Style

Tree in Delphi

Most Sacred Place on Earth


Delphi, Kitty & Michael


Monastaries in the Sky

I hiked up these stairs

Puffy Cat

Athens Centre Courtyard

Athens Center

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Normally I’m the person applying for jobs but today the table was turned as I got to weed through email submissions from people applying to my current internship position.  While I’m not an expert, I noticed a few things that could be of definite help to people applying for jobs via email. Some of these tips may seem like common sense but I was shocked by the number of resumes and cover letters I received that made the most basic of errors.

My 6 Tips:

1) Save your resume as your name
If you are sending any attachments make sure your name is included. DO NOT save as “resume.doc” While resume.doc makes sense to you, think about how many resume.docs the person reviewing resumes has to weed through.

2) Save your attachments as PDFs
Not everyone has the same version of Microsoft Word so there is a good chance your resume will look completely different on my computer screen than what you saw on yours. By saving as a PDF you ensure your content is displayed exactly as you intended.

3) Include your cover letter in the body of your email
Unless requested to attach a cover letter, I would highly recommend putting your cover letter directly in the body of your email. This saves the person reviewing applications time as they can quickly scan through your information without having to open an additional attachment.

4) If submitting multiple writing samples or examples of work, combine them into one PDF file
Every single email I reviewed today had 5+ attachments. Times that by 20 or 100 and you have a serious headache for the person reviewing applications. Combine all files together in one PDF that can easily be scrolled through and your reviewer will be happy you know how to streamline and saved them time. If you don’t know how to create a PDF file or combine PDF files, look online! There are websites that will turn your docs into PDF’s for free, just Google it.

5) Use relevant examples and if they’re not obvious explain what they are
As I tweeted earlier, an applicant attached his sister’s wedding program as an example of his work. I think he was trying to showcase his InDesign skills but irregardless I found it completely odd and irrelevant to the position he was applying for. The reviewer shouldn’t have to guess why you attached something. Many of the samples I saw today were class assignments and I had no clue what they were. If you’re going to send something that’s not as obvious as a press release, find a way to briefly explain what it is.

6) Don’t just talk about what you have to gain
One applicant today had a whole paragraph about what he could gain if he were chosen for the internship but nothing to offer for why my company would benefit from hiring him. An obvious point of internships is for the intern to learn. I’m glad you have a lot to benefit from taking my position but I already knew that. Why does this make me want to hire you? It doesn’t. Tell me what you can do for me and I’ll start listening.

Hope these tips  help in your job search!

As I said before, I’m no authority but the experience of being the person reviewing applications as opposed to being an applicant was eye-opening . Try to put yourself in the person’s shoes who will be reviewing your cover letter, resume, etc. Make everything as easy for them as possible and you’ll be that much more likely to rise to the top of their list.

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Shoes, head, heart

@Elle_com just tweeted this quote and I love it:

“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads- at the extreme opposite end of our bodies” –Levende Waters

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I have some good reasons:

1. Finals – I completed the Fall semester of my Senior year at St. Thomas.  Going into this school year I could not imagine being done with college but now I am ready and cannot wait to launch from college life into the working world.

2. Family Gatherings – We’ve had both Christmas Eve and Christmas at my house which means lots of cleaning, decorating and family time.

3. Cooking – I fully admit that I’m not an experienced cook but I’ve been surprisingly busy cooking this week.  I’ve made beef and broccoli, cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole.  That probably doesn’t sound that exciting but I’m quite impressed with myself.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and take the time to squeeze in some much needed relaxation.  Happy holidays!

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1. I have a unique point of view which requires more room than twitter can provide.

2. I’m passionate about connecting with the world and blogging provides a great platform for this.

3. I’m constantly learning and what better way to learn than by doing.

4. On a daily basis I am inspired by others’ blogs and want to join in on the fun.

What to expect from this blog:

While my professional ambitions are the primary focus of my life right now, there is more to being a future ad exec than just advertising. I’m going to write about what being Tara Olson is all about. I have many passions including: travel, volunteering, psychology and fashion.

In addition, I’m going to Greece for a month this January and am looking forward to dabbling in travel writing and blogging about my trip.

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